X and Y coordinates of ternary plotting area

TernaryXRange(direction = getOption("ternDirection", 1L))

TernaryYRange(direction = getOption("ternDirection", 1L))



(optional) Integer specifying the direction that the current ternary plot should point: 1, up; 2, right; 3, down; 4, left.


TernaryXRange() and TernaryYRange() return the minimum and maximum X or Y coordinate of the area in which a ternary plot is drawn, oriented in the specified direction. Because the plotting area is a square, the triangle of the ternary plot will not occupy the full range in one direction. Assumes that the defaults have not been overwritten by specifying xlim or ylim.


  • TernaryYRange(): Returns the minimum and maximum Y coordinate for a ternary plot in the specified direction.

See also

Other plot limits: OutsidePlot()