Ternary v1.2.1 2020-12-09

  • Use package ‘vdiffr’ conditionally in tests.
  • Trivial documentation improvements.

Ternary v1.2.0 2020-10-16

Ternary v1.1.4 2020-02-27

  • Support user-specified colours in ColourTernary().
  • More options for controlling axis colours in TernaryPlot().
  • Add examples to documentation.
  • Axis.labels example in vignette.

Ternary v1.1.3 2019-12-04

Ternary v1.1.2 2019-09-16

Ternary v1.1.1 2019-06-14

  • TernaryArrows adds arrows to a ternary plot.

Ternary v1.1.0 2019-04-15

New features

  • Add support for contour plots and density shading.

Bug fixes

Ternary v1.0.2 2018-10-30

  • Improve configuration options by allowing:
    • Custom colouration of axis text;
    • Modification of axis tick length.

Ternary v1.0.1 2018-07-05

  • Plot minor lines between grid lines, with options to customise appearance.
  • Document magnification options.

Ternary v1.0.0 2017-12-21

  • Add function JoinTheDots() to plot lines and points simultaneously.
  • Support xlim & ylim for TernaryPlot().
  • Choose direction of plot using new point parameter.
  • Allow labelling of tips and of sides (alab becomes atip).
  • Improved control over labelling of plot (clab.rotate parameter).
  • Improve documentation.

Ternary v0.1.1 2017-11-23

  • Added colour-blind compatible colour palettes cbPalette8 and cbPalette15.
  • Support lab.font in TernaryPlot().

Ternary v0.1.0 Unreleased

  • Generates ternary plots with vertical left axis.