These are the datasets used to evaluate the behaviour of the inapplicable algorithm in Brazeau et al. (2019) . The name of each item corresponds to the datasets listed below. Datasets are sorted into two subsets, each sorted alphabetically; the first subset comprise simpler datasets with faster processing times. inapplicable.datasets provide the data in the matrix format generated by; inapplicable.phyData are in phyDat format. inapplicable.trees lists for each dataset a sample of up to 50 trees obtained by tree search under each inapplicable treatment, named accordingly. inapplicable.citations is a named character vector specifying the source of each dataset.






An object of class list of length 30.

An object of class list of length 30.

An object of class list of length 31.

An object of class character of length 30.


Subset one (faster processing):


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Subset two (longer processing times):

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data('inapplicable.datasets', package = 'TreeSearch')
#>  [1] "Agnarsson2004" "Aguado2009"    "Aria2015"      "Asher2005"    
#>  [5] "Capa2011"      "Conrad2008"    "DeAssis2011"   "Dikow2009"    
#>  [9] "Eklund2004"    "Geisler2001"   "Giles2015"     "Griswold1999" 
#> [13] "Liljeblad2008" "Loconte1991"   "Longrich2010"  "OLeary1999"   
#> [17] "OMeara2014"    "Rougier2012"   "Rousset2004"   "Sano2011"     
#> [21] "Sansom2010"    "Schulze2007"   "Shultz2007"    "Vinther2008"  
#> [25] "Wetterer2000"  "Wills2012"     "Wilson2003"    "Wortley2006"  
#> [29] "Zanol2014"     "Zhu2013"