(Ln)SplitMatchProbability()calculates the probability that two random splits of the sizes provided will be at least as similar as the two specified.

SplitMatchProbability(split1, split2)

LnSplitMatchProbability(split1, split2)


split1, split2

Logical vectors listing terminals in same order, such that each terminal is identified as a member of the ingroup (TRUE) or outgroup (FALSE) of the respective bipartition split.


SplitMatchProbability() returns a numeric giving the proportion of permissible non-trivial splits that divide the terminals into bipartitions of the sizes given, that match as well as split1 and split2 do.

LnSplitMatchProbability() returns the natural logarithm of the probability.

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Martin R. Smith (martin.smith@durham.ac.uk)


split1 <- as.Splits(c(rep(TRUE, 4), rep(FALSE, 4)))
split2 <- as.Splits(c(rep(TRUE, 3), rep(FALSE, 5)))
SplitMatchProbability(split1, split2)
#> [1] 0.1428571
LnSplitMatchProbability(split1, split2)
#> [1] -1.94591