Calculates the number of unrooted bifurcated trees that are consistent with a bipartition split that divides taxa into groups of size A and B.

TreesMatchingSplit(A, B = A[2])

LnTreesMatchingSplit(A, B = A[2])

Log2TreesMatchingSplit(A, B = A[2])


A, B

Integer specifying the number of taxa in each partition.


TreesMatchingSplit() returns a numeric specifying the number of trees that are compatible with the given split.

LnTreesMatchingSplit() and Log2TreesMatchingSplit() give the natural and base-2 logarithms of this number.

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Martin R. Smith (


TreesMatchingSplit(5, 6)
#> [1] 99225
LnTreesMatchingSplit(5, 6)
#> [1] 11.50515
Log2TreesMatchingSplit(5, 6)
#> [1] 16.59842